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Memory Control Consoles

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Performer® Brochure
Performer® Specifications
Performer® II Brochure
Performer® II Specifications
Performance® Brochure
Performance® Options
Performance® Specifications
Command Performance®
Q-File 1000® Preliminary Data
Q-File 1000® Specifications
Q-File 2000® Specifications (04/22/1976)
Q-Level 2000® Preliminary Data
Q-Level 2000® Specifications
Q-Level 1000® Specifications
Q-Call® 120 Preliminary Data 

Kliegpac 9® &
Manual Dimming Systems

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Kliegpac 9® Brochure (© 1977)
Kliegpac 9® Specifications (© 1977)
Kliegpac 9® Brochure (© 1981)
Modular Control Console Brochure
Modular Control Console Specifications

SCR Dimmers® & Dimmer Banks

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SCR Riser Diagram
R-76 Dimmer Bank Specifications
R-76 Chassis Specifications
R-80 Dimmer Bank Specifications
R-80 Chassis Specifications
P-73 Dimmer Bank Specifications
P-73 Chassis Specifications
P-82 Dimmer Bank
P-82 Chassis Specifications
P-87 Dimmer Bank Specifications
P-87Chassis Specifications

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