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Welcome to the Kliegl Bros. Collector's Society website! This site is dedicated to the legacy of one of the greatest manufacturers of stage lighting equipment. Universal Electric Stage Lighting Company Kliegl Bros. Props. was founded in 1896 and grew to be the largest stage lighting manufacturer in the world. Closing it's doors in the 90's, it was also one of  the oldest. This site was set up to serve as a place for collectors and users of Kliegl Bros. equipment, as well as those interested in general stage lighting history, to come for information and communication with other enthusiasts. While we are specifically interested in Kliegl equipment and history, we welcome all who have an interest in stage lighting history to contribute to the activity.
We hope to establish an informative list of Kliegl collectors and stage lighting history enthusiasts for quick reference. We have set up an email address to send registration information to, from which, we hope to compile this "contact list." If you desire, please send us information about the details of your interest in Kliegl Bros. or historical stage lighting and, if you wish, how one may contact you for information etc. As you can see, this site is still in it's infancy. Along with the Kliegl "contact list" we hope to add many features to the site. We are continually working on expanding our online selection of historical Kliegl Bros. catalogs.  Future additions could include historical articles and a Virtual Lighting Museum. (Photos of your antique Kliegl or other lighting equipment welcome) We hope, that with the help of the site's user's, we can make this a rich source of Kliegl Bros. and stage lighting history. With your help, it can really be a great resource for anyone interested in Kliegl Bros. and antique stage lighting. Please feel free to email Eric or Doug (link at top of page) with any questions you may have,
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